Rosie Poirier

About The Artist

Rosie Poirier is a marine scientist, underwater photographer and an artist. She works primarily in the field of sustainable resource management and conservation. She graduated from the University of Victoria where she specialized in Biology and Environmental Science. In 2022 she completed a year as the North American Our-World Underwater Scholar, undergoing vigorous dive training, and studying blue economies and marine resource management projects around the world. She currently focuses on conservation strategy and accelerating programs of action in the sustainability sector, working with non-profit and industry sectors to help communities improve the ways they interact with the ocean and to accelerate a sustainable future.


Upcoming Event

Ocean Storytelling: Live Painting!

Toronto, ON

June 8 and 9, 2024

Join marine scientist, underwater photographer and artist Rosie Poirier in creating giant painted oceanscapes. Rosie’s unique style of watercolour and acrylic brings to life the marine world and invites people to engage with human nature interactions. She leverages the power of art, storytelling and film to shift perspectives and accelerate sustainable ocean management, creating real life interactive experiences where art reflects and influences culture.