Do you want to dive deeper into learning?

Perhaps you’re a teacher, a museum educator, a librarian, or a park interpreter, and are looking for ways to support ocean education. Or perhaps you are early in your career and keen to learn more about ocean opportunities and innovation leaders. Either way, our toolkits have been designed just for you!

Ocean Learning Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed for teachers and students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 education communities, coastal and inland, across Canada. The aim of this toolkit is to engage learners in ocean education, deepen their awareness of and connection to the ocean, and to inspire action in the classroom community and beyond. It is designed to meet curricular outcomes for numeracy and literacy, sciences and social studies, health and more. This toolkit also incorporates Indigenous and place-based knowledge and provides hands-on learning opportunities for students. Designed to be accessible to both the ocean-enthusiast and to the educator who is taking their first dip, these ready-to-go learning activities and pedagogical strategies will engage students and inspire action in their everyday lives.


Ocean School Toolkit

The Ocean School Toolkit has been created for teachers, particularly middle school grades, to help educators bring the ocean into their classroom and provide students with the knowledge and tools to understand their influence on the ocean and the ocean’s influence on them. This toolkit was curated by Ocean School and represents a small inventory of fun, innovative, inquiry-based learning experiences that incorporate powerful storytelling techniques, immersive technologies, and interactive media. These resources can be implemented using high tech or low tech approaches. The 360˚ videos and interactives can be viewed using VR headsets, on a projector, or on individual screens and tablets. All media and activities are customizable to fit your purpose and available technology.


Postsecondary & Early Career Toolkit 

No matter where you live or how far from the ocean’s shoreline you may be, we all have a connection to and impact on the ocean. This toolkit enables postsecondary students and early career professionals to learn about opportunities and potential career pathways in the ocean sector. Dive into personal narratives and insights from ocean innovators and entrepreneurs working in diverse fields, as well as timely information about emerging trends, career programs, and resources. It is our hope that you are inspired to consider how your knowledge, skills, and creativity can help contribute to and shape Canada’s growing – sustainable and equitable – blue economy.


Museums, Science Centres & Aquariums Toolkit

The health of the global ocean and freshwater ecosystems, as well as the biodiversity they each sustain, are critical for our community, cultural, and economic well-being. Pollution, climate change, habitat loss, and many other factors related to human activity pose a risk to our water systems and the species that live there. This hands-on toolkit, developed by the Canadian Museum of Nature and Ingenium, promotes the importance of aquatic health throughout Canada. The activities showcased below were created for interpreters in museums, science centres, and aquariums to be used during Ocean Week Canada and beyond. However, all the information and materials required to engage in these activities are detailed in this digital toolkit. You can do it yourself!


Public Libraries & Community Groups Toolkit 

This toolkit has been created to support individuals working in library and community spaces with a user-friendly approach to facilitating learning experiences about the ocean and waterways in Canada. These learning activities and resources have been curated with your audiences and engagement needs in mind, and with the aim of strengthening our collective understanding of our influence on the ocean and the ocean’s influence on us. This toolkit is part of the Ocean Week Canada celebrations but can be used all year long, especially as 2021-2030 is the United Nations Ocean Decade!


Parks Canada Toolkit

Parks Canada administers one of the finest and most extensive systems of natural and cultural heritage places in the world. National historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas provide Canadians and visitors the opportunity to discover, learn about, and connect with Canada’s national treasures. This Parks Canada toolkit takes you on a journey from coast to coast to coast to explore the immersive experiences and collaborative conservation efforts that Parks Canada undertakes in marine protection and conservation. Browse the toolkit for videos, observation activities, arts and crafts creations, and to learn about the different ways of exploring marine heritage at places administered by Parks Canada across the country.