Thirsty for more? 

There are so many ways to learn about the global ocean, and coastal and inland waters here in Canada.  Here are a few more resources to help you learn more, get inspired, and support important work being done from coast to coast to coast. 

Sacred Journey Exhibit 

Discover how the Tribal Canoe Journeys have catalyzed the revitalization of Indigenous culture, community healing, and youth empowerment on the Pacific Northwest Coast.

‘7 Things Everybody should know about the ocean’

Read and share this 7 facts infographic created by the Ocean Agency

Canada’s Oceans Now, 2020

Explore this series of 12 infographics showing key messages about Canada’s marine ecosystems in an illustrated format. It’s a great way to learn about important ocean topics at a glance! Want to keep going? Check out the stunning Canadian Arctic Ocean infographic series AND the Atlantic Ocean infographic series!

Discover Canada’s Watersheds

Explore this map of Canada’s watersheds from The Atlas of Canada.

‘What is a Marine Protected Area’ 

Read and share this helpful infographic on what a marine protected area is. 

CPAWS Marine Protected Areas Map

Currently, around 13% of Canada’s ocean is being counted towards the country’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Other Effective Conservation Measures (OECMs). Canada has committed to protecting 25% of its ocean by 2025, working towards 30% by 2030. Explore this highly informative map outlining what areas are currently protected and learn even more through CPAWS’ Interactive MPA Dashboard

Climate Atlas of Canada

The ocean and climate are inextricably linked. Indigenous ways of knowing and being are critical for understanding, observing, and addressing climate change.  Navigate your way through the Climate Atlas of Canada, learning directly from the new Indigenous knowledge map layers! 

Women in Ocean Science 

Dive into this engaging collection of resources featuring women in ocean science, as part of Ingenium’s broader Women in STEM initiative. In particular, check out the #OceanDecade video series, the shareable posters series, and the Canadian-authored report, Gender Equity in Ocean Science

Towards a New Ocean Science

Read and share this recent publication released by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO on the promotion of culturally engaged science. 

The Heart of our Biosphere

Read this beautifully illustrated report, commissioned by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, in which three women, giants in Canadian society in different ways, offer diverse perspectives on their respective, and our collective, relationship(s) with the ocean. Beginning in the Pacific region, you will hear the words of Hilistis Pauline Waterfall, esteemed Heiltsuk (Hailhzaqv) knowledge keeper and educator. Then you will move to Inuit Nunangat and hear from Mary Simon, internationally renowned advocate of Inuit rights and now, Canada’s Governor General. Finally, in the Atlantic region, you will hear from Wendy Watson Wright, former inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Ocean Frontier Institute.