Alex MacLean (BluHeron Collective)

About The Artist

Alex MacLean, also known by the alias Sunntack, stands at the crossroads of art and technology. A New Media Artist and Live AV Performer, Alex ventures into the unexplored territories of experimental electronic music, shaping auditory landscapes that push the conventional boundaries. Alex’s performances blend audio-reactive video projections, merging sound and visuals into an immersive experience. With a deep-seated curiosity for human ecology, Alex’s work revolves around exploring these themes through the lens of sound.

Alex has featured his work at international conferences and festivals such as ICLC, NIME, and the Network Music Festival. Notably, his creative endeavors were acknowledged with the 2022 City of Hamilton Arts Awards Shirley Elford Emerging Artist Commission Prize, highlighting his innovative approach and impactful presence in the artistic sphere.


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