Marine Science Programs and Resources for Your Classroom

December 13th 2022 - June 23rd 2023
Moncton, New Brunswick

Marine Science Programs and Resources for Classrooms

The Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre (ASEC) is currently offering hands-on science programs on aquatic sciences and research. ASEC is a science hub in Moncton that focuses on understanding, protecting and sustaining freshwater and coastal ecosystems. Programs provide students a hands-on learning experience with real scientific equipment to explore aquatic and marine environments.

All programs are created to satisfy Sustainable Development Goals of the New Brunswick curriculum and meet one or more specific curriculum outcomes. All programs are available in both English and French and are currently offered free of charge.

Classes can book one or more of the following programs:

Be an Oceanographer

  • Explore how and why we study the ocean.
  • Extract strawberry DNA and learn how DNA is used to monitor fish populations.
  • Practice using microscopes to make observations.

Ecosystem Exploration

  • Use scientific equipment to test a hypothesis.
  • Measure salinity, pH and temperature of water samples and learn about healthy ecosystems.
  • Discover how research is used to protect habitats and manage Canada’s waterways.

Species Identification

  • Identify marine species by their observable features to classify the species.
  • Create a fish print to identify parts of a fish
  • Explore the impact of invasive species and how to protect Species at Risk

Ocean Sampling

  • Learn how robotics is used to explore and monitor the ocean.
  • Code an ozobot to take samples and collect data.
  • View samples under a microscope and record your observations.

If you would like to schedule a program for your class or group please phone 343-573-0327 or email
Thank you, have a great day!


Centre Street, Moncton, NB, Canada
Format:In-Person, Virtual
Category: Interactive Event, Indoors
Region: Atlantic Canada
Audience: Kids & Families, Adults
Accessibility: English, French


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Marine Science Programs and Resources for Your Classroom Marine Science Programs and Resources for Your Classroom
December 13th 2022 - June 23rd 2023
Moncton, NB