LIVE Interactive Beach Walk with Ocean Wise

Ocean Week Vancouver

June 5th 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Vancouver, British Columbia

What has sharp spikes covering its body, doesn’t have eyes but can see with its feet, and calls the waters of Vancouver home?! Found out with Ocean Wise!

Explore the wonders of the shoreline this World Environment Day by participating in our virtual interpretive beach walk. Led by an expert educator, you’ll discover the intricate ecosystems and diverse wildlife that thrive on BC’s coastlines, as we stream live from one of Vancouver’s most ecologically diverse beaches. This session is fully interactive, ask questions and learn more about the beauty and complexity of BC’s shorelines – including the critters that call it home!

Ocean Wise will be using a water testing kit from Water Rangers during the event!


Vancouver, BC, Canada
Category: Community Science, Presentation, Interactive Event, Outdoors, Recreational Activity, Education & Interpretative Exploration
Region: Pacific, Canada Wide
Audience: Kids & Families
Accessibility: Closed Captioning, English


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LIVE Interactive Beach Walk with Ocean Wise LIVE Interactive Beach Walk with Ocean Wise
June 5th
Vancouver, BC