Red Fish Arts Studio

About The Artist(s)

Red Fish Arts Studio [Ivitaaruq Hanaujaqarvik] is a dynamic creative skills welding program in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut serving as a beacon of hope for at-risk youth, aged 17 to 30. Founded in 2018, the program fosters collaboration and empowerment intertwining mastery of craft with the threads of life readiness.

What was once an old processing plant has become a central hub for the Cambridge Bay arts community. The building, which was renovated with the support of CanNor, the Government of Nunavut and the Municipality of Cambridge Bay, provides a space for artists and aspiring artists to grow and develop their skills.



The space

The Studio is used by multiple community groups to create and sell locally made artwork, develop digital art projects, and it also hosts the local radio station.
The Studio promotes Inuit culture and, as tourism to the community resumes after COVID, it’s also a place where visitors can buy local artwork. Through the nurturing embrace of mentorship and hands-on training, our youth emerge not just as skilled artisans but as architects of their own destinies, ready to carve their mark upon the world. There is also a welding studio which provides a space for art and functional welding programs. A 2018 win in the Youth Category of the Arctic Inspiration Prize allowed for the purchase of equipment for the welding studio. To date, the studio has created several notable metal works, including a red metal fish presented to the Prime Minister and a metal sculpture of Sedna.



Upcoming Event

Ocean Art: New Public Sculpture

Cambridge Bay, NU


Metalworking apprentices at Red Fish Arts Studio [Ivitaaruq Hanaujaqarvik]
will build a metal sculpture to be installed in the community that explores local ocean-culture connections. Join the artists for the installation and vernissage of this new work. At the heart of The Redfish Arts Society lies a vibrant space where a community of makers and learners. Every piece we create is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and artistry. From functional treasures to decorative wonders, each item in our collection tells a story of passion and creativity.