Christine Fitzgerald

About The Artist

Christine Fitzgerald is acclaimed for her riveting images made by integrating obsolete photographic techniques and modern technology. She has been collaborating with scientists at the River Institute in Cornwall, Ontario, to photograph species at risk. She will discuss her approach to this important advocacy work and lead a public workshop teaching participants how to create their own photograms using light sensitive paper. The resulting images will be arranged as a large-scale collage and installed on a wall indoors to review and discuss in the context of conservation efforts. Christine holds degrees from Acadia and Dalhousie University and studied at the School of the Photographic Arts in Ottawa. Her images are produced intuitively, often using large format cameras and antique lenses, and exploring historical photographic printing processes. She has won numerous awards, including the 2016 International Fine Art Photographer of the Year from the Lucie Foundation in New York City and a 2017 International Julia Margaret Cameron award.


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