Coastal Connection Challenge

No matter where you live, you are connected to the ocean.

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Our Goal
649 KM
250,000 KM

How to participate:


1. Head out to your local waterbody and use any distance tracker (Fitbit, Strava, Gabin, Apple Watch, etc.) to keep track of your distance travelled.

Log your distance for the Coastal Connection Challenge using your name and email address.

Check back in often to log your distance. Simply input the same email and your distance travelled and it will be added to your individual total, and our collective total.

The more you move, the farther we all go around Canada’s coast!

No matter where you live, you are connected to the ocean.

We challenge you to get outside and use people-powered movement (walking, running, cycling, swimming, paddling, using a wheelchair-accessible trail, etc.) to personally connect with your local waterways, and to virtually travel Canada’s coastline.


Did you know?
  • Canada has over 243,000 km of coastline along the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific ocean, and another 9500 km along the Great Lakes
  • No matter where you live across this vast country, you are intimately connected to the ocean
  • Canada has five ocean watersheds: the Arctic, Atlantic, Hudson Bay, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico
  • All of Canada’s water -over 2 million lakes and 8500 named rivers – is drained into its five watersheds before reaching the sea
649 KM
KMs travelled

What is the Coastal Connection Challenge?

Join us on a virtual journey counterclockwise around Canada, following the flow of water from the Great Lakes out to the Atlantic Ocean, around the Arctic coastline, down along the Pacific Coast, and back across the prairies. Our ‘start line’ will be Thunder Bay, Ontario (June 3rd) and our ‘finish line’ will be Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba (September 8th).

Along the way, we will virtually travel to a selection of diverse communities. As we track our kilometres, we will reach ‘checkpoints’, unlocking stories, videos, and photos about the locations reached.

You will also receive a virtual postcard from each checkpoint that you can download and share on social media using the hashtags #CoastalConnectionChallenge and #OWC2022. By sharing these postcards on social media, you will be entered to win prizes along the way! We also encourage you to share photos of you at your local waterbodies, exploring the many ways that YOU are connected to the ocean.

Canada’s coastline and watersheds are immense—but together, we can make the journey and discover that we are all connected to the ocean and each other through watersheds.



99 KM
KMs travelled


Naomi Boon
72 KM
KMs travelled


Josue Juarez
51 KM
KMs travelled


44 KM
KMs travelled


Alexa J Goodman
35 KM
KMs travelled


34 KM
KMs travelled

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Coastal Connection Challenge Partners


The Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition, together with all Coastal Connection Challenge partner organizations, would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response (MEOPAR) Network and their Training Workshop Fund.



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