Oceans Alive! @ The Manitoba Museum

3 Juin 2022 17:00 à 21:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba

En anglais seulement


Be prepared to take a deep dive into Earth’s Oceans for our First Friday in the Manitoba Museum’s Science Gallery this month! To celebrate World Oceans Week, we’re recognizing the important role the ocean plays in our everyday lives and how local waterways connect us with all the ocean.

Less than two dozen humans have ever explored the deepest part of Earth’s oceans – the Challenger Deep, located 11 kilometers below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. We’ll hear from one of those explorers, Kelly Walsh, as he joins us virtually from his home in Oregon to tell us all about his journey to the bottom of the sea.

Then, in the Explore Science Zone, be prepared to channel your inner cephalopod with some fun crafts – colouring and making your own paper squid to take home.

And, can YOU be the champion for change in our Lake Winnipeg: Shared Solutions exhibit? Learn all about the challenges facing Manitoba’s largest freshwater lake, which connects to the Arctic Ocean. Take part in our award-winning simulator and see how you can be part of the solution!

All that, and all of your favorite exhibits will be available to explore! Learn more here.



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