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Did you know all waterways are connected? There’s nothing like following the flow to wrap your head around this incredible fact! The Ocean, Freshwater, and Us map was developed as a learning and engagement tool for schools, libraries, museums, aquariums, conferences, and other public spaces and events to use during the Ocean Week Canada celebrations and throughout the UN Ocean Decade (2021-2030).

This giant floor map is available in two sizes: 1. Standard (11m x 8m) 2. Reduced (8m x 6m), is made for walking on, allowing users to understand the ocean and waterways by physically experiencing them! Augmented Reality, 360 video, and other interactive activities will help bring this giant map to life!

Copies of the Ocean, Freshwater, and Us, a map dedicated to organizations for use at public events, are travelling across the country.

All giant floor map reservations for businesses, organizations or events must be made via this form. If you are associated with a school or formal education institution, you can go to this page to submit your request.

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About the Map Installation

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The giant floor map is available in two sizes. It is shipped in a sturdy hockey bag that contains the map and accompanying equipment and materials to facilitate learning experiences on the map.
To ensure timely delivery, the giant floor map will arrive at your organization/event at least 2-day in advance of the launch.
To ensure smooth pick-up and transfer, the giant floor map will be picked up by the courier within 2-business days following the end of the event.
Please consider the time needed to map set-up before the launch date (1st installation day).

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