The DIY Ocean Projection Kit

Celebrate Ocean Week Canada with free original ocean visuals to light up your house, your building, your public space, your world!

Ocean School, in collaboration with Ocean Week Canada, is sharing a free collection of projection-ready oceanic Canada creatures ready to light up your public space or building. Designed to adapt to any space, these original animations feature right whales, harp seals, cod, pacific salmon, northern gannets, killer whales, and Greenland sharks. 

The kit also includes some poetic visuals inspired by Ocean Week Canada’s key messages as well as a simple quiz that invites the passing audience to try to identify unique creatures through a series of clues before the answer is revealed. This high-definition content is designed to be frameless so that it can easily be configured to any size or ratio. If you have access to a computer and a projector, you can have fun with this content. It is freely downloadable and includes a guide to adapt the content to your projection space. 

  • Click here to download the ocean projection material