Programme côtier de l’école de l’eau propre

Ocean Week Halifax

1 Mai au 30 Juin
Schools across the province, Nouvelle-Écosse

*en anglais seulement*

Clean Water School is a three-part, experiential education program for learners that takes place in the natural environment. 

The Coastal version of the program helps teach Grade 7 and 8 learners about shorelines and coastal areas and the impacts that humans have on them, while showcasing various ocean-related technologies careers. It also introduces them to lab and field skills, scientific observation methods and the concept of two-eyed seeing.

What does the program look like?

The program includes a a virtual workshop, followed by a full day ‘in the field’ where learners get to use their new knowledge and skills to be a “coastal scientist” and collect data from the ocean’s edge. This involves making detailed observations of coastal zone features and evidence of processes such as erosion, as well as examining the shoreline for evidence of human impacts. 

The last part of the program invites the class to undertake an action project with a focus on the health of a coastal area near their school or community. Some projects may be eligible for a Clean Climate Action Grant! 

Bussing Subsidies

Thanks to a micro-grant from Ocean Week Canada, we are pleased to offer a limited number of bussing subsidies available to classes across the province! Do you want your class to participate in this program, but your school is not within walking distance (~20 minutes) of a shoreline or coast? Email us for bussing subsidy support: EducateEngage@cleanfoundation.ca.


Halifax, NS, Canada
Format:En personne, Virtuel
Catégorie: Science communautaire, Présentation, Événement interactif, À l’extérieur, Activité récréative, Éducation et exploration interprétative
Région: Provinces de l’Atlantique
Public: Enfants et familles
Accessibilité: Anglais


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Programme côtier de l’école de l’eau propre Programme côtier de l’école de l’eau propre
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