I See Seaweed By The Seashore

4 Juin 2022 11:00 à 14:00
Victoria, Colombie-Britannique

En anglais seulement


Join us by the Seashore Dirorama for a family-friendly drop-in program, in partnership with Seaquaria Ocean Education. During this fun and interactive session, we will learn all about our intertidal ecosystem!

In celebration of Seaweed Days and Oceans Week Victoria, Seaquaria will be showcasing common seaweed and marine invertebrates found on our coast. Learn how barnacles live their entire lives upside down and why you can find seaweed in your toothpaste!

Learn more here: http://royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/visit/events/calendar/event/110594/i-see-seaweed-seashore

This event is a part of Oceans Week Victoria.

Photos: Ocean Week Victoria and partners



Format:En personne
Catégorie: Science communautaire, Événement interactif, À l’extérieur
Région: Pacifique
Public: Enfants et familles
Accessibilité: Anglais


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