Festival de la journée mondiale de l’océan Sunshine Coast – NEMO TALKS

5 Juin 12:00 au 9 Juin 13:00
Sunshine Coast BC, Colombie-Britannique

*en anglais seulement*

Welcome to our third annual  NEMO TALKS!

The Sunshine Coast Conservation Association has hosted World Oceans Day events since 2016. In 2021, we teamed up with RhizomeUP! Media and the Green Films Series to create a week long Sunshine Coast World Oceans Day Festival.

Our third annual Festival program includes online and in person films including engagements with filmmakers, and local marine education and conservation activities

Throughout the week we also host a series of educational webinars and Q&A sessions with experts, called Nemo Talks. Our 2023 series includes five inspirational online presentations focused on killer whales, eelgrass, kelp and crabs, as well as tools we can use to protect the local marine and foreshore environment.

We invite you to Dive in, Explore and Connect!


Catégorie: Science communautaire, Présentation, Événement interactif, À l’intérieur, Éducation et exploration interprétative
Région: Pacifique
Public: Enfants et familles, Adultes
Accessibilité: Accessible en fauteuil roulant, Accessible aux animaux, Anglais


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