Carte-tapis géante au JUNIOR Festival Harbourfront Centre

20 Mai au 22 Mai
Toronto, Ontario

*en anglais seulement*

JUNIOR, Toronto’s international children’s festival, is Harbourfront Centre’s multidisciplinary festival for children ages 5–12. Through theatre, dance, music and art, JUNIOR explores what it means to be connected to each other and the community around us – at a time when personal connection has never seemed more important.

Ocean Week Canada‘s giant floor map, Ocean Freshwater and Us will be installed at Harbourfront centre for a limited period during May 20-22 (Victoria Day long weekend).

Imagine walking on a giant map, following the local river all the way to the ocean. What connections could you make? What questions would you ask about the places you observe? Join the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition and Ocean School as we explore the connections between ourselves and the water that surrounds and sustains us. This life-sized cartographic lens of the ‘Ocean, Freshwater and Us‘ giant map, helps raise public awareness offering opportunities to celebrate our connection to coastal areas, the ocean, local waterways and watersheds in Canada. The augmented reality (AR) extension combines powerful storytelling techniques, immersive technologies, and interactive media to strengthen ocean knowledge. Its inquiry-based approach inspires all who walk the giant map to take action to ensure a healthy ocean for future generations.


This JUNIOR Festival program is co-curated by Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Nathalie Bonjour. Register for the JUNIOR Festival newsletter to get a jump on full event details.


Harbourfront Centre, Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON, Canada
Format:En personne
Catégorie: Événement interactif, À l’extérieur, Récit ou lancement de livre, Artistique ou musicale, Éducation et exploration interprétative
Région: Nord du Québec et Ontario
Public: Enfants et familles, Adultes
Accessibilité: Accessible en fauteuil roulant, Anglais


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Carte-tapis géante au JUNIOR Festival Harbourfront Centre Carte-tapis géante au JUNIOR Festival Harbourfront Centre
20 Mai au 22 Mai
Toronto, ON