Ocean Week Canada (OWC) Action Team

The OWC Action Team was established through the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition as a central deliverable within the Canadian Ocean Literacy Strategy (i.e., Action Stream #4). The OWC Action Team acts as a collaborative national working group to ensure overarching OWC goals are achieved and to maximize overall project impact. The OWC Action Team also offers support in raising funds, growing the OWC community through new collaborations, and co-identifying value-added opportunities.

OWC Action Team Members and Collaborating Organizations 2021-2022

Anne-Marie Asselin, Organisation bleue

Bryan Martin, CaNOE/Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council

Carol Amaratunga, Cartis Research Inc.

Toby Plant, Ocean Wise

Diz Glithero, Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition

Dominique Normand, True Spirit of the North

Eleanor Haine Bennett, Canadian Commission for UNESCO

Jesse Hildebrand, Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants

Kiley Best, CaNOE/Marine Institute

Lauren Hudson, Ocean Networks Canada

Lucija Prelovec, CaNOE/Ocean School

Maia Hoeberechts, CaNOE/Ocean Networks Canada

Noémie Roy, Parks Canada

Sarah MacNeil, Consultant

Tara Donaghy, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Funding Partners

Thank you to OWC’s funding partners for your generous support.

Event Partners*

*Partners appear in alphabetical order below